Tiegan Ward

"Dropped my wheels off Monday, had them back by Tuesday evening. Super impressed with quality, communication and timing too. Couldn't be more happy with them, thank you so much."

Fix Auto Penzance

"We have been doing a lot of black and silver wheels lately. This week, we have brightened things up a bit, adding some colour to this dull January. Thanks to Steve from Maverick Coatings, who has spent two days here with us in Penzance, bringing with him some great colours and a wealth of knowledge in powder coating."

Training Course student

"I’d just like to give a review for a Powder Course we recently went on hosted and delivered by the main man - Steve Gill, aka Maverick Coatings Limited. I’d firstly like to thank Steve for all of his help, tips and conversations he's given me.  The day began in Steve’s well layed out, and spacious, workshop containing excellent equipment from various big names such as Gema, Blastwash, Wagner and more.  The Welcome was warm and we got to it straight away, being conscious of the duration of the 'Strip Cycle' and being introduced to the 'Acid Room'. PPE could not have been stressed more during these processes, and Steve also had some great recommendations for masks and longer gloves. While some wheels we brought to 'Train' were being stripped, we got started on some 'Test Wheels' Steve had Prepared.  Our Main learning objective of this course was to - Be able to completely undertake the Refurbish and Strip of an Alloy Wheel. Thankfully, we completed that and more! 

Some of the most important things we learnt - Safety, PPE, Best Practice and Procedure on How to Strip Wheels.  How to correct small defects using hand & power tools; and how to check if wheels are good enough to be coated. This includes - Corrosion Repair, Applying Primer, Colour Coat and Clear Coat in a 'Cold and Hot Flock Situation'. Also, understadning the 'Outgassing Procedure' and the principals / importance behind it. Good practice while 'Shot Blasting' andlearning the best procedure on how to apply a Clear Coat in 'Polyester and Acrylic Mediums'. Finally, we learnt how to create a 'Two Tone Finish' using vaccum and other powder removal methods.

Steve is an absolute pleasure and I’m very glad that we attended. A great guy and fantastic teacher!"

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Happy Customer

"Wow wow wow totally amazing thank you very much"

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